We transform the unknown into the familiar, connecting businesses with their next best customers.

Custom Applications

We specialize in creating custom applications designed to meet your specific business needs.

Facebook Applications

Our software is adept at designing and developing Facebook applications that amplify social media presence.

Image Applications

We have carved out a niche in crafting innovative image applications, perfect for those seeking advanced image processing, manipulation, or visualization capabilities.

Music Applications

From music streaming services to digital audio workstations, our team excels at developing music applications.

This is Advortix


We are young & energetic team of multi talented individuals

Our proven strategies and cutting-edge technology simplify the lead generation process, empowering you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

We deliver quality leads that translate into real business growth. Let us help you navigate the path to increased revenue.


We translate data into economic value.

You might think of us as a dealership, as a DMP, as a martech platform, as a marketing consultant.
All this and none of this.
Refine integrates, deduplicates, processes data with the information you need for your strategy through its own technologies.
That is why we are called Advortix.

The objective of a business to solve unique problems

At the heart of Advortix is our technology platform.

Designed and developed to integrate information and digital identifiers from our partners with your data to create the perfect audience targeting.
Using our technology, we are able to use precise information provided by publishers and data partners to create specific segmentations and clusters of contacts available for your marketing campaigns.

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